helping people think and work creatively is one of the things I do best




My experience includes collaboratively creating and developing ideas, products and applications for entertainment, education, health care, and online information management.

Creative collaboration with others has been an important part of my life since my twenties.
It's work I love doing.


Cosmic Encounter® Online Leaderboard

Cosmic Encounter Leaderboard

     The online Cosmic Encounter® Leaderboard Flash application showed Cosmic Encounter player (and alien) ranking for any year, month, or day since the game launched in May of 2003, controlled by automated objects “talking” (using a protocol for requests and responses) to Perl scripts that were using SQL and the Cosmic database‚Äôs ability to record and generate statistics for all the games played by each player, each alien matched with a player and each alien matched with what we called a “bot.”

     The bots were Java objects created by Bill, spawned by a communications and display utility alien object they all shared, which was created by Alan Queen and expanded by Bill who designed and implemented some rudimentary “ai” – all of the alien bot and individual alien bot logic, functionality, and “thinking,” which human players experienced as decisions and actions by the bot aliens trying to beat them, other players, and other bots in various games of Cosmic Encounter® Online.