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My experience includes collaboratively creating and developing ideas, products and applications for entertainment, education, health care, and online information management.

Creative collaboration with others has been an important part of my life since my twenties.
It's work I love doing.


Gen Pro and Info Pro Relationship Management Diagram

One of 10 diagrams in this 125 table, 220 relationship, 41 domain database

Gen Pro and Info Pro Relationship Management Diagram

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Gen Pro and Info Pro Diagrams include:

  1. entity relationships (shown above)
  2. entity attributes, files, and notes
  3. entity contact info, distribution lists, and trip expense management
  4. events, tasks, and workflow
  5. observations, goals, and notes
  6. expanded observations, goals, and notes with relationships and attributes
  7. address area and entity location
  8. entity relationships with events
  9. security

The Gen Pro and Info Pro databases are generic database designs that can be customized with data, views and stored procedures to meet most information requirements. For example, Maine InfoPro Manager is an open-source, secure, multi-user web application platform that manages:

  1. appointments
  2. group meeting scheduling
  3. class development and scheduling
  4. meeting and class attendance tracking
  5. participant starting fitness and health information
  6. accurate records of fitness and health improvements
  7. custom staff roles and program information security settings


  1. custom event types and event management
  2. single or multiple notes for individual events
  3. scan and photo uploads for individual events
  4. detailed results recorded for participants at intervals defined by program administrators
  5. custom result data defined by program administrators
  6. results organized by result sets defined by program administrators
  7. goals with goal targets and target dates and goal achievement tracking
  8. log tracking, e.g. exercise logs, etc.
  9. detailed aggregate and drill-down reports
  10. ongoing detailed program participation and progress information
  11. custom reports as needed via a secure web based report delivery system
  12. data importing and data and application customization services as needed
  13. application and results report training