i d e a r t i s a n

creative idea consultant and catalyst


who is ideartisan?




I am Bill Eberle and ideartisan.com is my idea consulting website. I work collaboratively with others, in person and online, to discover, create, and develop innovative ideas. Being creative and working creatively with others is the type of work I do best.




My experience includes creating and developing ideas for entertainment, education, and interactive online applications. During my career I've worked with others as an idea catalyst and idea developer and learned how to help individuals and teams turn innovative ideas into successful products and applications.



One of my longtime collaborators describes me this way:

“Bill has a uniquely creative mind. He combines whimsy and humor with technical insight leading to surprising outcomes. He also has a stick‑to‑it mentality and can be counted on to solve problems.” Peter Olotka, Future Pastimes





My work includes creative work as a board game designer. Currently selling board game products I helped design include DUNE, Cosmic Encounter®, Cosmic Encounter® Duel, WORDSMITH, Decipher, and HBO® Game of Thrones® The Iron Throne. I've also worked as a senior programmer, a technical team manager, and a database designer; as an online game, game ai, and database application designer/developer; and as a SQL programmer and SQL application ui automation designer/developer.



“The team at Future Pastimes did a terrific job framing, designing, and delivering NBA.com’s online application, ‘Courtside Live.’ . . . viewed by tens of thousands of basketball fans the world over every night of the season.” Mark Sutton Smith, CTO NBA




“Bill Eberle at Future Pastimes designed a sophisticated data framework to create an ever-changing, fresh web interface for families about living healthfully which is full of surprises and thoughtful messages.” Kathleen Kelly‑Nu, Program Officer, Special Initiatives, Association of Children’s Museums




“Bill was (and is) our internal champion and chief architect for using data driven design in our projects.” Peter Olotka, Future Pastimes




My small, two person company Maine Quality Information Partners provided clinical analysis and reporting services for MaineGeneral Health, and created a wellness program online database application for MaineGeneral and the State of Maine. For the online wellness information project I was the principal designer and project manager and provided application and database design, SQL development, and application support for the program managers and 50+ online wellness staff users.



Starting in 2012 I began designing and publishing books of my poetry. And for the past 6 years I’ve designed and created yearly chapbooks as a member of Poets’ Corner, a local poetry group. I also serve as a board member for the Thomaston Historical Society and as a member and former chairperson on the joint Patient and Family Advisory Council for Maine Health‘s Pen Bay Medical Center and Waldo County General Hospital.